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Electricity Distribution Networks in the Decentralisation Era: Rethinking Economics and Regulation
The rise of renewable and distributed energy sources has resulted in a fundamental change in the way in which electricity is traditionally produced, distributed, and sold. Centralised power generation is increasingly giving way to a decentralised paradigm as new technologies continue to allow for different forms of electricity generation, storage, distribution, and trade. The distribution system experiences an increased penetration of decentralised energy and flexibility resources that come from a variety of sizes, technologies, and capabilities. Are traditional approaches to economic, regulation and operation of electricity networks still relevant? How should distribution networks deal with increases demand and generation variability as distributed energy resources grow and electrification of transport and heat increases?

In this webinar co-authors Rahmat Poudineh, Christine Brandstätt and Farhad Billimoria are going to discuss the insights from their recent book “Electricity Distribution Networks in the Decentralisation Era: Rethinking Economics and Regulation”. The authors will be joined by Michael Pollitt, professor of business economics, at the University of Cambridge and Pierluigi Mancarella, professor of Electrical Power Systems at University of Melbourne, to debate some of the key issues which electricity distribution networks are facing as their operating environment change with the rise of the decentralisation paradigm.

May 31, 2022 01:00 PM in London

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